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Scarlett West


Mrs. Scarlett was the realtor I prayed for. I was introduced to Mrs. Scarlett by her husband and from our first conversation I was sold on her being my realtor. With changing times and COVID hurdles Mrs. Scarlett never let up. In a time where the market is much different than the average market, I had my mind set on getting closing help. Mrs. Scarlett, with her expertise knew that the seller’s weren’t giving it and would still try to accommodate me by writing the offer and asking anyway. We saw over 80 houses and not one time did she ever make me feel uncomfortable or made me feel as if I was wasting her time. When I was ready to give up she wasn’t and didn’t. We ultimately regrouped our thoughts and went about it in a different manner. She was willing to lend all of her knowledge, which has taught me so much about home buying and a neighborhoods history which is very important. She would listen to me complain and she would explain! I don’t know how she does it but she is the absolute best realtor I could’ve asked for. She showed nothing but love and honesty. This will be the best decision you ever make when you choose her to help find your home. Her professionalism and consistency is what we and anyone will need in their search for a home! -T Davis

Mrs. Scarlet West was a Godsend. I met her through my wife, and they met at the nail salon. They struck up a conversation and turned out we were looking to buy a home, and she was a real estate agent. After the initial meeting, we would start to see the properties we were interested in. Scarlet would send us emails of homes to go through. And we went out every Sunday starting in June. We must have looked at 5 to 6 houses each Sunday until they started to run together. Mrs. Scarlet sat us down and explained the give and take in buying a home. She became a mother figure helping us get our act together and understanding what we can get out of this. So, my wife and I sat down and came up with a list of mandatories and deal breakers, following her advice. She made our first-time home buying experience more of a family outing. Scarlet’s knowledge of the housing industry is astounding and became very useful. Fast forward to October where we finally decided on a home and moved to slow, and the owner didn’t accept our contract. We were hurt, but we were ready the next time we found something that caught our eye. Once we put a contract on that home, with the help of many others, we closed in less than 30 days. It was awesome, exciting, worrisome, tense, and fulfilling. My wife and I get to start a new chapter for ourselves in a brand-new home thanks to the efforts of Scarlet West. She is a gem and all those who cross her path should consider yourself, Blessed. Also, after we had our inspection, somehow, someway, she was able to get the seller to fix everything that the inspector deemed an issue. I fo mean everything, new 200 amp fuse box to a new roof, SHE IS AWESOME! - Harlie White

I’m a proud home owner of a beautiful home today because of Mrs Scarlett in-depth knowledge in real estate and exceptional professional skills. She has been there with us from day til the last we closed on our home. Me personally I don’t know how to thank her. All I can do is to recommend her to anyone that I know who is looking to buying a home. She is a friend you can count .from the day you seek her services. Thank you again a Mrs Scarlett. -Bessong Agbor RDH, MS 

Scarlett, I would like to take this opportunity to express my ‘THANKS’ for a job well done. I had said that whenever I sell my home I would allow you to do that for me and it came true. Your knowledge and professionalism were attributes which helped me through this first time process. There are many unexpected costs which arose during the sale of my home but somehow we weathered the storm for a successful closing. My house moved within 90 Days during the winter a slow period for home sales, which speaks volumes of the excellent condition of my house. I am relieved that we finally reached closure on this transaction and can move forward. You helped me to stay focus on the outcome of selling my home. THANKS AGAIN! -Cherry Gray Upson 


As a long-time friend, I entrusted the sale of my home in the care of my dear friend Scarlett West-Claytor. Being privy to her high standards, style and professionalism, I was confident she would be able to listen to my needs, appropriately analyze the condition of the home, and provide we with the advice necessary to expedite the sale of my home.  Mrs. West-Claytor agreed to come to my residence in mid-February 2014 to survey the property. At that time she advised me of certain things I needed to do to spruce up the home to improve the presentation. I took action on the items she wanted addressed, and we agreed to place the home on the market on March 1, 2014. As a result of adhering to her professional guidance and instruction, we were successful in obtaining a buyer for full offer on March 12, 2014, and we subsequently went to closing on April 18, 2014.  Summarizing my experience with Scarlett, requires I expound on her professionalism, dedication, and commitment. From her feedback on things to improve upon, to installing and removing the lock box, and providing necessary correspondence and communications to potential buyers as well as myself; all of these activities were superfluous and beyond reproach. I can’t speak highly enough of how she guided me thru the process, ensuring that I received all the necessary paperwork to complete the sale.  From a personal standpoint, the sale represented the end of an 18 year marriage. Taking this into consideration, Scarlet exercised the necessary compassion to ensure a smooth process for both myself and my husband. She made certain both our needs were her priority, and for that I am extremely grateful. Now that my home is sold, I am confident that when I am ready to purchase my next home, I will seek out the assistance and guidance from my dear friend Scarlett – a true professional, a true friend, a true blessing. -Janice M. Pegram-Lewis  

I am writing this letter to thank you for the service and expertise you provided in the marketing and successful renting of my property. Though the job was to help find a renter for my property you were very patient in light of the fact that I was still making repairs up to to the move in date of the renters that were approved. The knowledge of where to canvas for the best rental candidate proved invaluable as you were able to work through several agencies, individual candidates and "open house" respondents. I thank you for your professionalism and confident manner throughout the entire experience as this was my first rental. I will be contacting you in the future when the next property becomes available. Thanks again, Vincent Claytor Sent from my iPad